Thursday, October 15, 2009

Verdicts out....

Ok so I went and did my grocery shopping tonight, not that I wanted to after the long day I just had at work, but I did. So here's how I did:
Went to WalMart first and got my staple items, I spent a total of $39.10 with only a savings of $3...but that $3 was off 1 item! I got a 90 load count of Snuggle fabric softner for $3.98! I had a $3 off coupon I clipped out of the paper last week.
Krogers I did rather well for my first shot. My total before savings was 112.02.....after all savings I spent $79.06, that's 31%. Not to bad for my first time. I got a total of 7 nights worth of meals, breakfast, lunch for all, and some snacks. That also included my soda, which was 10 for those deals. I saved a lot on the meat...they had some wonderful sales. I was going to take a picture of all I got but my anxious daughter got in the house and started putting it all away before I got in the house (not complaining).
Next time will be better and I'll give a breakdown of everything I got.


  1. Way to go Melissa!

  2. Cool... I love watching the total go down with each coupon. It's like hitting on a slot machine or something. ;)

    Kudos to your daughter for helping to put the things away!