Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tomorrow is first day of saving...

Tomorrow I will be grocery shopping so it's going to be my first day of my new savings plan. I'm going to use as many coupons as I can, some of which I've clipped and some I've loaded onto my Kroger card. Heather was kind enough to share 2 fantastic sites that I can load coupons right onto my Kroger card and it will automatically be deducted at check out. Kroger coupon site #1 and Kroger coupon site #2. There are other store member cards that these work on so check and see if yours is listed.
I will post my savings tomorrow when I get home from shopping, and hopefully it will be decent for my first shot. I will be shopping for 7 days worth of groceries. There are 3 of us in this house, however my husband and daughter easily eat for 2 each.

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